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Children’s Chocolate Workshops

A unique and interactive experience for children that is truly unforgettable!

Kids make and decorate chocolate bars by first mixing white & milk chocolate and then further decorating it with a choice of sweets and finally have their own name written on it.

We now have a  family workshop every day at 10.00 am and 4.00 pm where you can all join in the fun and do the same activity. This costs the same per person @ £16.00 Just book the number of people you want – ie 2 adults & 2 children would be 4 places.

Workshops:  Click here to Book Online.

They then choose their favourite plastic shaped creation which might be a bear, cat, bunny, dinosaur, frog or train they decorate this by getting their fingers in chocolate and this is made into a hollow shape.

While these two items are cooling they can have their faces painted with a chocolate moustache or cats whiskers and also make their own marshmallow and chocolate creation.

All the time having lots of fun with our girls who take the classes. Finally they then pack their creations into special Chocolate Factory bags and together with their apron and hair nets take it all home.

Kids make and decorate chocolate slabs, marshmallow treats and shaky shape animals and best of all, everything they make is theirs to take home. 

Workshops are suitable for all children are available seven days a week.

Our experienced staff supervise the children during the chocolate making workshops whilst adults and carers can watch through the viewing windows and relax with a drink from our Chocolate Factory Takeaway.

Please note parents / carers are not permitted in the workshop area 

(Children are in full view at all times – Great for you to relax and watch them having fun! )

Workshops run throughout the day, starting at 10am with last entry at 4pm during weekends, holidays and bank holidays and 11am – 3pm during term time – booking is only firm following payment, which can be made over the phone .

Our workshops run constantly throughout the day – However, in busy school holidays periods we strongly recommend you pre-book online or call us to ensure you get the time you want.

The workshops last approximately 35 – 45 minutes but the time depends on the number of children in each workshop, however, each one has to finish within the hour to get ready for the next one which starts promptly on the hour.

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Admission costs £16.00 per child. This includes the chocolate workshop and all the chocolate they make which are theirs to take home,